2017 – “The Firebird” – Individual exhibition with 40 works, including: porcelain sculptures, paintings, photos, performances, urban interventions and music. In this show the artist can show part of his versatility;

2017 – Book: “The Firebird by Thiago Cóstackz” – Second book of the artist, released in the Livraria Cultura do Conjunto Nacional in São Paulo. The 150-page publication brings together photos and texts;

2017 – “C2H – Final Sacrifice” – Music and video performance performed in partnership with Icelandic musician Hjörvar Hjörleifsson with whom he currently forms a musical duo: the “C2H – Cóstackz & Hjörvar”;

2017 – “Acrobatic” – Intervention with large sculpture of floating mirror, that was installed in fields of sugarcane on the countryside in Rio Grande do Norte (brazilian state);

2017 – “The Wing Saga” – Intervention with mirror sculpture, that was installed in a desert in the middle of the “Caatinga” in the countryside in Rio Grande do Norte (brazilian state);

2015 – “The Opening Rostad Edwards Fine Art” – Collective Exhibition in Rostad Edwards Gallery in Wynwood, Miami / USA;

2015 – “From Concrete to Pop!” – Group exhibition at Nicoli Gallery in São Paulo;

2014 – Film: “Walking on Earth – A trip to 10 places threatened on the planet.” The 1st artist documentary 1h and 17m long, with research, general management, capture most scenes, artistic texts and interventions own Thiago Cóstackz;

2014- “Save Me!” – Intervention giant balloon Urban (6m x 12m) in the shape of a huge octopus to protest the extinctions of life threatened with extinction in the oceans;

2014 – Book “Walking on Earth – A trip to 10 places threatened on the planet.” First artist’s book. He also made the scientific research, wrote the texts, took photos, signed all urban interventions, performances and body arts publication.

2014 – “Please, save my planet!” – 3D Mapping of 546m², about half a kilometer interventions of high definition lasers interacting through an animation mapped in an imperial building from 1886 in the old center of São Paulo;

2014 – “Body Arts for The Planet” – 15 body performances and interventions inspired by environmental problems of our time at the Cultural Reserve of Avenida Paulista.. The works were made in the artist’s own body and in partnership with the model Fernanda Tavares and the actors Carlos Casagrande and Christiane Torloni;

2013 – “Sadness” – artistic installation in the Atlantic Forest trees in the state of São Paulo / Brazil.

2013 – “Open the taps” – Installation in Caatinga, in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. Against the destruction of the biome and desertification that happens on site.

2013 – “Salvation would be sweet!” – Floating sculpture installation in Donuts format in the South Atlantic Ocean between Fernando de Noronha and the state of Rio Grande do Norte. The purpose was to make a warning about the destruction of the only barrier reef in this part of the ocean;

2013 – “Vanilla Sky – Food Art” – giant Panel (about 4m x 3m) printed on glass tiles, crystal and powder gems in Spain and transported to São Paulo / Brazil. Made in honor of the 25th anniversary of Mario Azevedo Gastronomy;

2012- “The Pig – The Wall by Roger Waters” (ex-Pink Floyd) – Giant Intervention in pork 9m by 5m during the show at Morumbi Stadium to 75,000 people in São Paulo / Brazil. At the invitation of T4F and chosen by the Roger Waters, the art Thiago Cóstackz was chosen for its struggles linked to Human Rights and Sustainability;

2012- “You give the cards to the Earth, which will give you letters?” – Installation of the Great Greenland Ice Cover, It was a playing card (one of) made of translucent acrylic;

2012- “What do you do with Mr. Planet?” – Intervention of an inflatable balloon that metaphorically symbolized the planet, opposite the Central Station in Amsterdam in the Netherlands and in front the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg;

2012- “Midgard the balance is perfect.” – Work installed on the glacial lake Jökulsárlón at the foot of the great glacier Vatnajokull in Iceland.

2012- “Jaz under this ground a time bomb” – Installation on Permafrost (permanently frozen soil threatened by global warming) in the east of the Arkhangelsk Oblast in the far north of Russia.

2012- “Close the taps” – wooden blades installation, paper and acrylic, symbolizing a huge manhole sewer, warning of rising sea levels in Venice Italy.

2012- International Shipping “S.O.S Earth – If the world does not end” – Visited 10 places on Earth threatened by installing works of art that were intended to draw attention to the preservation of these places and warned of the need to change our habits harmful to the planet. The expedition passed through South America (Brazil and South Atlantic Reef), North America (Greenland), Europe (Iceland, Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark, France and Germany) and Asia (Russia).

2012- Tribute to the International Ranking Benchmarking that rewards good deeds and practices in society linked to sustainability. Thiago Cóstackz was honored at MASP (largest and most important museum in the country) for its many contributions to environmental causes and education aimed at changing habits harmful to the planet.

2012- Abduction Abaporu Exhibition – During the 10th Benchmarking Brazil happened in MASP. Display 5 paintings and body arts inspired by the modernist spirit and works of Tarsila do Amaral.

2012 – “UFO where is jeremy?” And “UFO is the Champion” – Realization of large panels to private collector;

2011- Thiago Cóstackz was honored at the Gala Evening of the National Festival of Short Santos for their contribution to social and environmental causes;

2011- Receives the title of National Ambassador for Sustainability of the German brand Puma Sports;

2011- “Save” Giant Balloons Parade (8m x 4m): “S.O.S Earth 2011 in celebration of World Earth Day. Installation of three giant balloons measuring about 9m x 6m each;

2011- Work: Big Appel SP – Delivered the Swedish band Roxete in Sao Paulo;

2011- Documentary: “Today I do.” Made by Thiago Cóstackz and Vila Movies for Earth Day 2010;

2011- “Lady Fina” Installation Panel Urban Giant 7m x 3m in São Paulo / Brazil;

2010- “Tsunami vs. Earthquake” – individual show with 42 works of art (sculptures, painted panels, video installation and Body Art) in av. Paulista in Sao Paulo;

2010- 2010- “S.O.S Earth shows and installation” – S.O.S giant sculpture to celebrate International Earth Day and to protest the non extinction of about 400,000 species are severely threatened in the world. The show took place in São Paulo and Curitiba;

2010- “Brazilianness Meeting with The Cranberries” – Work done for the band The Cranberries Irish;

2010- “Delicius!” – Artistic interference for the American brand DKNY (Donna Karan New York). Made especially for the launch of the new fragrance in Brazil;

2010- Documentary: “Ounce in Sampa” – Made by Thiago Cóstackz and Vila Movies for Earth Day 2010;

2010- “The Great Mother 2010” – Video giant 3D projection measuring 35m x 56m in celebration of International Earth Day;

2009- “Meeting Jaguar with The B’52s” – Work made for the North American band “The B’52s”;

2009- Shows “Myths & Icons” – Shopping Mueler in Curitiba / Brazil;

2009- Shows “Myths & Icons” – 11 Body Arts inspired by the great myths and icons of art history using the greats of our era. It was a clear show to launch the first museum of contemporary art and sustainability of the country;

2009- “Element for Element” – installation made for the international launch of the fragrance Hugo Element Hugo Boss inspired by the work of Thiago Cóstackz;

2009- Interferences 9m x 7m paintings on the facade shop Wattz, Brokklin, São Paulo-SP;

2009- Interferences 7m x 3m paintings in the closed shop CCM Sports in Moema, São Paulo-SP;

2009- “bluegrass Golf / Golf Art” – Artwork made in Golf bat for the event;

2008- “The Leopards in the Temple”, at the Cultural Reserve in São Paulo-SP;

2008- “The Leopards in the Temple” – individual show at Livraria Cultura of the Conjunto Nacional on Avenida Paulista, São Paulo-SP;.

2008- “The Leopards in the Temple” – Shows inspired by the works of the writers Franz Kafka and Dostoyevsky at Casa das Rosas on Avenida Paulista, São Paulo-SP;.

2008- “Art for Puma by Cóstackz” – speeches 45m painted walls in Shop concept PUMA Sports street Oscar Freire, Sao Paulo-SP;

2008- “Art & Puma by Cóstackz” – 30m speeches walls painted by the artist in the conceptual space of the brand PUMA Sports São Paulo and Santiago;

2008- “Giant sculpture of S.O.S” made in protest to the use of animal skins and preservation of over 400,000 endangered species worldwide. . At Avenida Paulista, São Paulo / SP;

2008 and 2009- show “S.O.S Earth” in Reserve culturally Avenida Paulista in São Paulo-SP.;

2008- “Refrigerator Literary” – Made to international fair Häfele Germany in São Paulo-SP and Nagold in Germany;

2007- “The Praise of Folly” – Shows Single 20 works based on the work of Erasmus of Rotterdam in Alceu Amoroso Lima Library in São Paulo-SP;

2007- “Optical Flag” – Optical Sculpture installed fittings on Avenida Paulista in São Paulo-SP;.

2007- “The O!” – Fiberglass sculpture in letter format “The” Giant (2m x 1,80cm) to the Literary Hall of Avenida Paulista,.

2006- “KUANI- Stealing Death” – Shows Single 15 works in the Midway Shopping Mall in Natal, Brazil;

2006- Group Exhibit in Tarantino Gallery in Milan- Italy;

2005 – Group Exhibit at the University of Oslo, Norway;

2005- “Scenes of the Spirit” – Shows Single Christmas-Brazil International Airport;

2005- “Scenes of the Spirit” – Shows single with 11 works at the Midway Shopping Mall in Natal, Brazil;

2004- “Pictures” – Shows single with 22 works at the Pyramid Hotel in Natal, Brazil;