s.o.s terra 2010 para o earfh da 2010

Intervenção urbana em São Paulo / urban intervention in São Paulo

S.O.S. Earth is an artistic and environmental action created by artist Thiago Cóstackz, that uses the stimulating power of art for the Green Cause and has been taking place for five years on the streets of Sao Paulo, performing urban interventions, body arts and interactive manifestos that aim to alert people about the worrying situation of the planet and mass extinctions that have accelerated in recent years, at a rate up to a thousand times faster than normal, making us reflect on the responsibilities that come with being the dominant species on the planet, while reporting on the situation of nearly 20 thousand species severely threatened in the world today, and suggesting a change in our habits that are harmful to life on Earth.


Body Art: Save Frog!

Many of these important actions happen on the streets of Sao Paulo, involving the population with a focus on environmental education in a fully democratic and inclusive manner, discussing the relationship between urban and natural means, discussing ways of how to grow without self-destruction and questioning our relationship with our cities, trying to make us learn not to repeat the same mistakes committed in the past. In the last 5 years the project has distributed, free of charge, over 60 thousand eco-bags and over 6 thousand T-Shirts made from PET based fabrics by the German brand Puma Sports, the official sponsor of the action since its first edition, aiming to encourage sustainable solutions in the fashion world. It has realized 3D projections of 300m² on buildings on Paulista Avenue, a parade of giant balloons across important avenues throughout the city, cycling and hiking for awareness, art shows and other diverse urban interventions. Always with strong support from volunteers and supporters who together made the cause S.O.S. Earth grow, reinventing itself year after year, to celebrate five editions with an international expansion that has come over 60 thousand kilometers. Taking the environmental discourse further, touching the hearts and showing that there are no boundaries to the problems of Earth, that there are no “them” or “us” when we speak about the planet,  there are no barriers to humans that decide to join hands and shout together for the same cause.


Intervenção urbana em São Paulo / Urban intervention in São Paulo


SOS Earth is not an alarmist action that tries to frame people in absolute truth or at predetermined paths; instead we try to wake people up to do something. The action seeks to put a mirror in front of society so that it might see a reflection of its behavior and rethink its models of consumption, industry, impacts and explorations of animal, vegetable and mineral resources. Our greatest defense is that: “No matter the size of what you do, but what you don’t for the Planet it worries”, do something today, the Planet has changed and you need to change your habits, do what is within your range, do not wait for the governments, make a change, start it today”.


balão ballon costackz

Intervenção urbana em São Paulo / Urban intervention in São Paulo

costackz mapping 3d

Mapping 3D no Dia Mundial da Terra! / Mapping 3D on World Earth Day!

costackz polvo

Mapping 3D no Dia Mundial da Terra! / Mapping 3D on World Earth Day!


costackz s.o s.o s.o.s terra costackz 2

costackz s.o

Mapping 3D no Dia Mundial da Terra! / Mapping 3D on World Earth Day!

O novo codigo florestal brasileiro

“O Novo Código Florestal vai matar o Brasil!”