C2H – Cóstackz & Hjörvar 

It is a musical duo formed by the Brazilian artist Thiago Cóstackz and the Icelandic musician Hjörvar Hjörleiffson that mixes powerful lyrics and performances to a new and exciting sound.

Thiago met Hjörvar on a visit to Iceland during his international expedition to ten threatened places he made around the world. Presented by Bjarni Thor Juliusson, a mutual friend of the two artists, Thiago invited Hjörvar to sign part of the soundtrack of his documentary: Walking on Earth – A Trip to 10 Threatened Places. In 2016, Thiago wrote the lyrics of “Final Sacrifice” and invited Hjörvar to interpret and produce a sound for the lyrics. It was then that a strong and promising partnership was born between them, originating the duo C2H – Cóstackz & Hjörvar. “C2H”, besides symbolizing the initials of the names of the two artists, the acronym represents a hydrocarbon, absent in terrestrial environment, but abundant in the interstellar medium.

Final Sacrifice, his first song, talks about freedom, about a savage being who imprisons his freedom to his soul, free and loose in the air, defying forests, seas and mountains, who sacrifices himself for his freedom and then reborn evoking deities like Tupam and the Tupi people (native people of Brazil). The song flirts with tribal music, rock, experimental electronic sounds and classical music, played by the powerful voice of Hjörvar.

Lyrics – Thiago Cóstackz
Music – Hjörvar Hjörleifsson
Music Collaboration – Thiago Cóstackz
Sound mixing and mastering – Haffi Tempo
Music production – Hrafn Thoroddsen and Hjörvar Hjörleifsson
Video – Younik / Fernando Vitolo
Direction and Conception – Thiago Cóstackz

Video Collaboration: Fashion – look 01 / Maison Alexandrine by Batista Dinho. Hairstyle: Kazuo
Photo thumb – art Thiago Cóstackz, Lienio Medeiros and Fujocka Creative Images

Hjörvar Hjörleifsson

Hjörvar Hjörleifsson is an Icelandic singer/songwriter, born in Reykjavík, September 29th 1973.Originally wanting to become a drummer at the age of 14, Hjörvar starting singing himself when no one else was willing to do it. Since he was 16 years old he has written and recorded his own music, sometimes with a steady band and sometimes solo. Hjörvar is self-taught as a musician and has often played guitar, drums, and bass in his own recordings.

His first bands were Guði Gleymdir and Los, which published a few singles, as did his electro-duet Monotone a few years later.

Own Work
Hjörvar’s debut album, Paint Peace, received great reviews when released in 2004, securing Hjörvar a nomination as Best Debut Artist at the Icelandic Music Awards under the alias Stranger. The musical style was rock-based with a melodious angle and some electro-in-betweens.

A Copy Of Me, Hjörvar’s second studio album, was recorded by Hrannar Ingimarsson and Páll Borg at PUK Studios Denmark and mixed in Studio Sýrland in May 2008 by Ken Thomas, renowned sound engineer that is well known in Iceland for his work with Sigur Rós. A Copy Of Me is an ambitious album, spanning the full range between punk-rock to experimentalism.