At the invitation of the German brand Hugo Boss, artist Thiago Cóstackz created an entirely produced installation with sustainable and certified materials within a sensory show that was specially developed to mark the launch of the perfume “Hugo Element” of Hugo Boss in Brazil.

The brand sponsored Thiago Cóstackz for three years, asked him to sign this action artistic thanks to its strong connection with environmental activism. The perfume “Hugo Element” evokes sustainability and conscious consumption, it was developed in the form of an oxygen tube in animal testing free and within strict low environmental impact guidelines, in order to discuss the air of cities and our relationship with the media urban. Therefore, the artist created the installation “Hugo Element is Jaguar and Dendrobatidae” questioning our relationship to environmental problems and how to join the urban areas to natural resources without destroying them both. The central focus of all art created was the element oxygen.



hugo boss thiago cóstackz