by Thiago Cóstackz


One of the artistic elements that stand out in the work of Thiago Cóstackz is undoubtedly the Body Art, which is a manifestation of visual arts where the body (including the artist’s own body) is used as support, element or base for the artwork productions, speeches and even protests.

A Morte no Mar Negro - Top Model Fernanda Tavares

“Death on the Black Sea” – model Fernanda Tavares, art by Cóstackz

The works are a warning about oil exploration across the Arctic and the Coast of Brazil, the devastation of the Amazon Forest which increased 28% with the approval of the New Brazilian Forest Code in 2012; they also are positioned against new demarcations of Lands that belongs to the Natives and the extermination of their culture; these works question our non-sustainable relationship with cities, the popularization of the models of consumption and our inaction before the changes in the Planet. As usual, the possible extinction of dozens of species and the animal suffering in great environmental disasters do not go unnoticed in the artist’s work, which uses the body art as a way to humanize these problems, so that the viewer can “feel on their skin” the suffering from some beings due to our growing and most irresponsible impacts, questioning where the boundaries of “development” are and how can we pass by the “technological adolescence” without destructing ourselves. The photos of the performances and body interventions were done in partnership with the photographer Lienio Medeiros and the photo design studio Fujocka.

All photos were made with sustainable, recyclable or certified materials such as: water-based body paint inks and make-up free of animal testing, raw fabrics free of industrial coloring, scraps of fabrics recovered from the garbage of large clothing confections, water-based acrylic paints without oil or heavy metals that pollute water sources, wigs made of polymer-based PET and sets made with recycled polystyrene and paper cardboards discarded in the trash or recycled.

Some works:

Retelling of “Botticelli’s Venus” – model Fernanda Tavares, art by Cóstackz

Fernanda Tavares como a Venus de Boticelli

“Death on the Black Sea and the Arctic Death” – Model: the artist himself Thiago Cóstackz

A Morte no Mar Negro II - Modelo e arte Thiago Cóstackz

A Morte no Artico - Modelo e arte Thiago COstackz

Tupi Man Frog – Save Dendrobatidae! – Model: the artist Thiago Cóstackz

Frog Tupi Man - Save Dendrobatidae! Thiago Cóstackz

“The Green Holocaust Terminator” – Model Carlos Casagrande, art by Cóstackz

O Holocausto Verde do Exterminador - Ator Calor Casagrande - Arte Costackz

“In a society of clones awaken it takes!” – Model: Thiago Cóstackz

Sociedade de clones