“Black bird”

“As mysterious as the poetry of the times finding the afterlife, he has come, without gods, without guardians, without demons. I keep it in me.
Free as death, thought and memory. Free as the solitary awakened awakening. When you are born dark and wild the night is the quietest dwelling.
As mysterious as the poetry of the ages finding the afterlife, he came. On nights when the moon leaves the sky, its brightness is perceptible, but discreet in the darkness. He looks more like part of her and when she defies the light he catches her in his skin.
Many judge whether they have a soul, some service, some talent. Steals from death, deceives light, kills darkness and sometimes cries craaa
I see the black, dark. My skin is clothes.
Fingers between wings, spell of the times, I see why I am what has happened in the centuries.
I am a survivor, I came from the land of fire, but also from the green sea and the imaginary icy mountains. They told me no, they kicked my face and cut my wings. But even if the air spirits had closed the way, I would have followed. Salvation was not there, gods were not there. A cry of salvation in the land of fire! I am the energy of fire and the hardness of water. I have energy, I am alive. ”

Excerpt from the book: “The Bird of Fire” by Thiago Cóstackz.


“Huginn and Munnin” (memory and thought)


“The Fire Ghost!”

He dances on air, Loose in the air, slave to the air …
Wild as nothingness and indomitable as the deep forces of Earth.
It has no name, but it burns like the core of the strongest.
It defies the ice, but fears it and shares the ancestral fear of the rocks that were once fire.
He is clear as the morning, dominates creation, transforms and reborn and then dies, just as we would die for lack of air. Becoming a gray spectrum of itself.

Excerpt from the book: “The Bird of Fire” by Thiago Cóstackz


“Black Dancing”

“Fire Dancing”  

“Bird Head”

Works, Performances and Body Art: Thiago Cóstackz
Photo: Lienio Medeiros and Creative Images.