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mong other curiosities that make up the show Tsunami vs earthquake, the module called “Golden Queens” portrays real and mythical queens from different eras, in the view of the artist women far ahead of its time and not always recognized in his true legacy. “From Theodora of Byzantium to a Drag Queen, this wing past and present come together in a fun way, to question values ​​and exemplify breaks, social face, cultural shock, provocation, feminism, fights against all kinds of prejudice and human rights” explains.

Together the works, explanatory captions reveal trajectories of “Golden Queens’, including Theodora of Byzantium, the former prostitute who married the emperor Constantine in the year 300 AD, and fought for religious freedoms, decriminalization of abortion and homosexuality among other rights that the time could be imposed. After the exhibition, the sculpture made in honor of the Queen Theodora will be auctioned in support of the campaign for breast cancer, part of the worldwide movement Pink October.

Another elected in the pantheon of Cóstackz and portrayed on screen with gold-plated frame is Amélie Leuchtenberg, and granddaughter of Napoleon’s second wife D. Pedro I, who moved the court to require sanitation, finance review and better treatment of slaves.

With its irreverence that does not exempt the luxury Cóstackz has attracted in its projects in Brazil or abroad weight support, national and international brands such as Eliane coatings, Donna Karan, MAC and Puma, among others.


costackz elizabeth i

Elizabeth I – Portrait

Catarina a grande todas as russias by thiago costackz

Catharina a Grande da Rússia – Portrait

amelia costackz imperatriz

Imperatriz do Brasil Amélia de Leuchtenberg – Portrait

cleopatra costackz

Cleopatra VII – Portrait

lady di costackz

Lady Di – Portrait