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3D Mapping interventions (about 546m², more than half a kilometer) and a giant balloon 15m, questioning our relationship with the natural environment, our habits and even showed images of animals and forests at risk worldwide.


Urban Intervention is a kind of artistic manifestation, usually held in central areas of large cities. It consists of an interaction with a previously existing artistic object (a monument, for example) or a public space, aiming to put into question the perceptions of the artistic object. These works are mainly focused on an aesthetic experience that seeks to produce new ways of perceiving the urban scenery and creating emotional relationships with the city, thereby changing the regular view of daily routines we have around the big centers. The artistic interventions have connections with conceptual arts and generally include a performance.



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In the work of Thiago Cóstackz, the interventions have generally “pop” and “activist” themes, the artist has already made many of them for S.O.S. Earth, but perhaps his most famous ones are the giant balloons, 3D projections and animal sculptures installed, in previous years, in order to call attention to the condition of thousands of endangered species.

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This year the artist’s interventions were installed in “Pateo do Colégio” at the Center of São Paulo, where the city grew and flourished for almost 500 years, during a manifesto where an inflatable balloon of a Giant Octopus measuring 15m x 6m was installed, a “Save me” inscription was printed on recyclable PVC, connecting directly with the threatened Marine Life so sensitive to climate change. In the same evening, the artist held a Multimedia Intervention with a projected animation by a 3D Mapping on the Department of Justice and Citizenship Defense  Building which was designed by the celebrated architect Ramos de Azevedo in 1886, being one of the last buildings of the Brazilian Empire (second reign) that still stands in the Center of São Paulo.

The projections frenetically displayed pictures of animals, phrases of impact about the situation of the Planet and even tips on how to cause less harm to nature, with the sound of the Icelandic musician Hjörvar and the American musician Tim Snider, all of this using the colored, pop, irreverent and activist work of the artist Thiago Cóstackz. Thanks to the great impact of media on the day of the manifest action and the great public that walks through the region, the action attracted thousands of people over the course of the day.

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