Check out the photos made for project Body Art for The Planet! Action S.O.S Land of artist Thiago Cóstackz. Below are some images that make connection with environmental problems of our time, with our impacts and question our relationship with the natural environment. Pictures of these performances of body art, challenging the observer to evolve and grow without destroying what surrounds us? How to get through technological adolescence uniting urban and natural? With the responsibility of possessing the status of dominant species on the planet.

Art and Concept: Thiago Cóstackz, photo: Lienio Medeiros & Fujocka Photodesign

Death on the Black Sea 1 – Model: Fernanda Tavares

A Morte no Mar Negro - Top Model Fernanda Tavares - Art Costackz

A series of photos of metamorphosed human figures in agony, covered in oil, makes a reference to the great environmental disasters that have plagued us for a long time, denouncing our irresponsible use of natural resources and increasing oil extraction in preservation areas and sensitive ecosystems such as the Arctic and the oceans of the world. Mythical figures such as a mermaid trying to escape from a sea full of oil, dying, spewing oil and transferring her pain to the observer, just as a human figure (part fish, bird and human) that absorbs through its skin the impact of an environmental disaster, and makes us question in times of Pre-Salt: “If we barely have the proper technology to safely drill and extract oil, do we even have technology necessary to deal with the potential environmental problems caused by such a large volume of extraction?”

Death on the Black Sea 2 – Model: Thiago Cóstackz

A Morte no Mar Negro 2 - Modelo e arte Thiago Costackz

Death in the Arctic, Narsarsuaq Bay, Greenland – Model: Thiago Cóstackz

morte no artico thiago costackz body art


Art and Concept: Thiago Cóstackz, photo: Lienio Medeiros & Fujocka Photodesign