thiago groenlandia caminhando sonbre a terra


Walking on Earth – A Trip to 10 endangered places on the Planet 

With texts, direction and scientific research Thiago Cóstackz, it is one of the few documentaries of the sort that have been produced in Brazil. Displays in 1h17min, through rich imagery and human always walking that never faced the camera, a poetic summary of this adventure that covered more than 60 000km around the world, visiting:. Greenland, Iceland, Russia, Italy, Glacial Ocean arctic corals of the South Atlantic, the Netherlands and several regions of Brazil as Caatinga, Atlantic Forest, Amazon Forest and the city of São Paulo, shown here as a model city that endangers its own existence. It was therefore the 1st Artistic and Scientific Expedition already held around the world which are known.

The film begins telling a brief history of the Earth’s formation until the arrival of man, with its impact, that forever changed our planet. Then the narrator Jacqueline Dalabona quotes each covered seats, counting accurately, strong, real and even hard at times complex situation encountered by the team S.O.S earth in these locations. A sequence of stunning images presented to the viewer some of the “macabre spectacles” that happen on the planet and which are the result of human interference and climate change taking place globally. A current picture of the world we live in, where the observer is placed as a major protagonist of this story.

Film credits:

General management, research and action: Thiago Cóstackz
Editing and Finishing: Fernando Vitolo / Younik
Narration: Jacqueline Dalabona
Cinema display: Reserva Cultural
Soundtrack: Hjörvar, Jose Fernandez and Tim Snider
Mixing and Mastering: Thiago Lima
voiceover recording: Duo Studio
Editing assistant: Ariel Velloso
Image Editing: Ramon Nascimento and Fernando Vitolo
Translation and English Legend: André Lazzari
Reviewer of English: Luke Hoeffel
Reviewer of Portuguese language and text editor: Anttonio Amoedo
S.O.S team: André Lazzari, Philip Knight, Katia Zucolotto and Patricia Alves
Cameramen of the Expedition images: Thiago Cóstackz and Team S.O.S Earth
Cameramen in São Paulo: Juscelino Brasílio Gonzalis, Fernando Vitolo and Ramon Nascimento

WARNING: It is completely prohibited the sale or marketing of this video. All images are protected by copyright and may only be disclosed for promoting environmental causes and nonprofit.