thiago costackz e roxette

Per Gessle, Thiago Cóstackz, Marie Fredriksson e Carolina Borzato da T4F


The artist Thiago Cóstackz where you can find artists and influential on the world stage for support its various social and environmental causes. In 2011 he met with members of the Swedish band Roxette twice just before the shows they did in São Paulo. Cóstackz urged support for the foundation MESB, The first Eco Art Museum Sustainable Brazil, he was founding in Rio Grande do Norte, the members gave statements and autographs in support of the foundation of the institution.

The band Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson listened carefully to the speech of the artist, and very interested in the work he develops, received fondly two gifts that the artist gave them two of its famous apples.


Roxette: Per Gessle, Thiago Cóstackz e Marie Fredriksson