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During our expedition to the coast of Touros / RN an unexpected, but not unusual, thing happened: a fishing net crosses our way offshore. We found a hawksbill turtle, an endangered species, suffocating trapped in illegal fishing net in the middle of the ocean. It should be safe in its habitat, but is not. We wonder what kind of “being” lets a fishing net on an endangered coral. Do we have this right? Are we the owners of all beings in the world? Should all species of the world succumb for the well-being of just one, the Human Being? This one turtle we could save, but… what about the other ones?


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The work of NGO Numar .

Back on shore our eyes tell us that we can still rely on some individuals of our own species. We are really a curious species, capable of amazing dreams, but also terrible nightmares. The same day we saw the worst and the best of human beings.

Attitudes like these from the members of NGO NUMAR, at Cajueiro Beach, in Touros – Rio Grande do Norte, show us that not all is lost. Even facing great financial difficulties, having to walk miles a day gathering injured animals and demarcating spawning area, they are provided with a lot of determination. They only count with a little help from the local municipality that does what it can. But even with so much difficulty they save thousands of animals from extinction every year.


Few animals can be born and with so little chance of surviving. Only 2 of 1000 can reach adulthood. These animals are born with an instinctive determination towards the sea, a human footprint is just another obstacle in their journey to the ocean.


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