“Silence, a beak breaks the noise and breaks the egg.” He leaps from it a strange creature, unknown biology, crooked eyes, different color, fuzzy strangeness, undefined sex, its only wing is crooked, it does not open. your face? I do not know if it is born free but certainly already threatened.Look at the tall towers and hidden between profit and boredom: an ugly bird is born.

Stop the rituals, I assure you that a bird was born! Not in the sky, not on the ground, came to the world in a tree, roots cemented, arms limited by murderous blades. Lonely and insecure, his voice is not pretty, but it’s still a voice. Like it or not, I assure you that creatures like this have existed and others will always exist. It breaks with standards, disgust, laws, dogmas, and hatred. Nobody notices it, it’s ugly … But it really is a bird. ”

Excerpt from the book “The Bird of Fire” by Thiago Cóstackz




* poem and performance inspired by the legend of Yorixiriamori, a god of the mythology Ianomâmi, present in the myth of the singing tree. A strange god who charmed women by their beautiful song, which aroused the envy of the men, who tried to assassinate him. Yorishiriamori then acquired the form of a bird of golden fire and fled. With him the singing tree is gone from the earth forever.


Works: “Yorixiriamori – The Ugly Bird”
Performance: Thiago Cóstackz
Photo: Lienio Medeiros and Creative Images.