What queens, tsunamis, apples, Buddha, scientists, goos roses and aliens have in common? It is with this initial question that the artist opens the show to entice the visitor not one but multiple answers about what it means to be an inhabitant of the planet Earth in 2010 or, in metaphorical language, find out what or who are the real “tsunamis social. ” “Charles Darwin, Lady Gaga, Stephen Hawking, a Saint ET, technology, or savannization Amazon – much bigger shock than a Tsunami vs. Earthquake” asks Cóstackz.

In an area of ​​more than 300m², fully designed with sustainable materials from floor to ceiling, the artist draws an expository script driven by diversity of forms. Sculptures, paintings, installations, environmental manifestos, body arts, videos, stunning and luxurious reinterpretation dresses of the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries, interference in bottles of Donna Karan perfumes, among other things, are inserted into modules that reproduce palatial spaces of the seventeenth century or futuristic areas with walls “optical” twenty-first century. In his surreal pop art, and much irony, Cóstackz privileges fluorescent colors, pure, the millimeter contoured, the exclusive use of certified wood, non-polluting paint water-based, environmentally friendly and recycled fabrics.


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